Friday, February 19, 2010

Aishwarya unable to conceive due to tuberculosis in stomach?

Abhisek Bachchan has a lot of reasons to be peeved. The actor is still reeling from a fake story printed about his wife Aishwarya unable to conceive till she has tuberculosis removed form her stomach. And the worst part is that the said newspaper has not given an apology despite knowing the facts now. "Aishwarya wrote a letter to the editor of the newspaper denying the report and asking for a "retraction and apology". They've printed her denial but not the rest of the letter and haven't had the decency to apologize! Apart from the fact that they have written so irresponsibly about a woman let alone my wife. My issue is when is all this kind of journalism going to stop? I have immense respect for the media. They are the opinion makers of a nation, our conscience. They must be responsible," he thunders.

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