Friday, February 5, 2010

Stars start to speak up for Shah Rukh Khan

Finally someone from the Bachchan clan has spoken out on the SRK vs Sena issue.

On the micro blogging site Twitter, Abhishek Bachchan writes:

"All that has been happening over the past few days is very unfortunate and sad! I believe that sports, arts & culture should be above politics.

My family and I have faced many such incidents in the past.

And all I wish for is peace and harmony to prevail over all citizens."

Meanwhile, actress Bipasha Basu has also spoken out in support of Shah Rukh Khan in Mumbai. (Watch: Bipasha speaks out in SRK's support)

Salman Khan too has come in support of SRK, saying, "That's because Shah Rukh hasn't said anything wrong. What should he apologize for?

'My Name is Khan' should be released for sure. It has to. As an industry we pay huge entertainment tax to the government and we entertain the people also.

We don't think like politicians. I anyway don't understand this whole thing of taking a morcha and going to somebody's house."

More support poured in for Shahrukh on blogs and twitter.

Kajol tweets on the Shiv Sena issue saying, "@ all mumbaikars, Dont worry people,even chengez khan cant stop MNIK release,relax and let all your positive energy flow here."

Farhan Akhtar says, "There is no need for anyone to be afraid in face of this sort of hooliganism. There are laws and we have faith in them protecting us."


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