Friday, February 12, 2010

Story of My Name is Khan

'My Name is Khan, and I am not a terrorist'--one line sure to be mouthed by you as you step out of the theatre. And mind you, there are many other priceless quotes.

My Name is Khan is unlike any other Karan Johar-directed film, although it has glimpses of his past work. It does not have masala, no mindless song and dance, and no comic fillers. It has a very strong main message, and several others tucked in. KJo has sure come a long way from candyfloss.

My Name is Khan begins with Rizwan looking over the President Bush's itinerary. He wants to meet Mr President and tell him, "My Name is Khan, and I am not a terrorist". Rizwan starts his journey to Washinton, D.C., but becomes a terror suspect in the beginning itself.

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