Sunday, February 7, 2010

'Avatar' dethroned at box office by 'Dear John'

The new romantic drama "Dear John" unexpectedly ended the seven-week reign of "Avatar" at the weekend box office in North America on Sunday, pulling in large numbers of young female moviegoers.

"Dear John" grossed an estimated $32.4 million in the three-day period since opening Friday, said distributor Screen Gems, the low-budget division of Sony Corp.

It had hoped for an opening of about $20 million on a weekend when many Americans forsake movies to watch the Super Bowl, traditionally the year's most-watched television broadcast. The football championship starts around 6:25 pm (2325 GMT) in Miami.

"Dear John" stars Channing Tatum and Amanda Siegfried as lovers whose romance is curtailed by the Sept. 11 attacks. It is directed by Swedish filmmaker Lasse Hallstrom and based on "The Notebook," a novel by Nicholas Sparks.

Kim Kardashian Dazzles in Superb Outfits

Supermodel Kim Kardashian outdid herself Friday night when she showed off her toned body in TWO stylish ensembles to attend events in the run up to tomorrow's highly-anticipated Super Bowl, reports The Mail, London.

Early in the evening, the 29-year-old looked stunning in a colourful, geometric-print, strappy dress as she dined with family and her New Orleans Saints footballer boyfriend Reggie Bush, 24, at Miami's Prime 112 Restaurant.

Following the meal at the world-famous steakhouse, Kim tweeted: 'Sooo yummy! Prime One Twelve with the Familia!'

Kim recently said 'relaxing' prior to the Super Bowl was the best way to help boyfriend Reggie prepare for the big game against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.

She told 'We have just been completely relaxing. Now we're just going to dinners with our family and with our friends.

Cameron Diaz Does Yoga in Bikini

Hollywood star Cameron Diaz was spotted doing yoga exercises in her bikini during her Carribean stay, reports The Mail, London.

The 37-year-old-star was seen doing a strenous yoga session while her friends lazed about in the sun.

'For me working out is a big part of keeping mind and body together.. I hike, snowboard and surf', said the actor.

Cameron revealed she had taken up yoga and trains herself three times a week with an expert.

Other Hollywood celebrities doing yoga include: Madonna, Angelina Jolie and Uma Thurman.

Cameron was in the Carribean to shoot for Knight and Day, in which she stars with Tom Cruise. The two filmed some scenes in Seville in Spain early December and took a break during Christmas.

Midnight Drama Outside Bipasha's Room In Delhi's Ramada Plaza

A midnight drama unfolded outside Bollywood actor Bipasha Basu’s Room No. 503 in Ramada Plaza, Delhi, on Friday night as the actor refused to attend a post-launch party in the hotel premises as agreed with the hotel management.

Said Niru Mittal, the managing director of the hotel: “Bipasha was under contract to attend the post-launch party for 20-25 minutes for which the hotel had invited nearly 300 guests and there was a ballet dance, DJ music lined up. But she refused to come out of the hotel saying she was too tired”.

All that Bipasha’s PR manager had to say was to direct the media to speak to Shemaroo who had organized the event.

Bipasha had, earlier, in the day, released her video album Love Yourself, Fit and Fabulous at the hotel followed by a press conference. She had taken an early morning flight from Mumbai and was clearly looking tired.

Tennis Star Roddick's Wife In Lingerie Shoot

Brooklyn Decker, the wife of US tennis star Andy Roddick, has been unveiled as the new face – and body – of La Senza’s Valentine lingerie, reports The Mail, London.

The curvy blonde donned a red and black bra with stockings and suspenders from the new range.

Swimsuit model Brooklyn met her husband after he caught sight of her while skimming through a copy of US magazine Sports Illustrated’s swimwear edition in 2006.

Andy asked his agent to contact Brooklyn and ask her for a date and the couple have been inseparable since, tying the knot in April last year at their home in Austin, Texas.

Rumour has it that Mrs Roddick is being lined up for the prestigious place of 2010 cover girl for the magazine which made her a star.

But if she knows anything about it, she’s keeping mum, telling reporters: ‘We’re actually the last ones to find out.

‘They usually announce it on [The Late Show with David Letterman] the night before the swimsuit issue comes out.

‘That’s when all of us find out. So I’ll be watching with the rest of you to see out who got it. None of us have a clue – it’s the biggest kept secret in all of the fashion world.’

The 22-year-old first appeared in Sports Illustrated in 2006.

Australian Top Cop Asks Indians To 'Look Poor' To Avoid Attacks

Victorian police chief Simon Overland has advised Indian students in Australia to keep a low profile and "try to look as poor as you can" to avoid attacks, drawing strong condemnation from the community which called his statement "ridiculous".

Indian students could make themselves less of a target if they do not display their expensive gadgets, Oliver told an international students' safety forum here yesterday.

"Don't display your iPods, don't display your valuable watch, don't display your valuable jewellery. Try to look as poor as you can," Overland was quoted as saying by 'The Age'.

The Victorian Police Chief Commissioner said students could take some steps to protect themselves.

"If you can live somewhere safer, live somewhere safer," he said. "If you can avoid public transport into high-risk areas late at night, avoid it."

Victorian Premier John Brumby defended his top cop, saying the advice to the overseas students to avoid crime, as per Overland, was a comment about high crime areas.

Katrina Hot Bod!

Bikini Babe Katrina Kaif

Bipasha Basu praises Shahrukh's Butt

Sexiest woman of Bollywood, Bipasha Basu has said that Sharukh Khan has one of the best butts in Bollywood. Bipasha, who is considered to be a fitness freak, recently launched her fitness DVD.

Bipasha, talking about best butts in Bollywood, says “John has the best butt, and everyone has seen it too.” Interestingly she took King Khan's name and boldly said “I think even Shah Rukh Khan has one of the best butts around.”

Aamir happy that Ramu dropped plan

Ram Gopal Varma, who recently dropped the idea of casting Aamir Khan after waiting for three long years, has got a big blow from Aamir Khan. The Perfectionist actor recently said that he is really happy that Varma has dropped his plans.

Buzz up!In an recent interview Aamir Khan stated that “I’m happy that Ramu doesn’t want to work with me anymore. It’s good news for me.”. RGV-Aamir combo had given the blockbuster movie in Rangeela and then Varma's numerous attempt to cast perfectionist haven't fetched results.

Well, Ram Gopal Varma is going through hard times isn't it? This is his second blow in the month after his Rann failed to impress the audience.

If anyone has issues sort it out with me: Shahrukh Khan

The bollywood Khan wonders what is wrong in welcoming everyone to India. Shiv Sena is furious with Shahrukh's comment on Pakistani cricketers. Shiv Sena will not allow the screening of Shahrukh’s upcoming movie My Name is Khan. Shahrukh Khan was in New York promoting his movie said, “If there is an issue with me you have to sort it out with me and talk to me about my ideology.”

He continued saying, “as far as the film is concerned, it is an incidental thing. According to me, that is not something they should take their ire against and hopefully they will not and nobody will and it will release and, inshallah people will like it.”

When asked him about the Shiv Sena threat of disrupting the screening of his movie, Shahrukh does not apologise. he said, “I have nothing to respond to. I do not understand what My Name is Khan has to do with that. It is not only my film. It has got Karan, Kajol and 150 other people whose livelihood depends on that movie.”

Shahrukh also said, “Everyone has got the right to do what they wish to do in our country that is why it is the biggest democracy apparently.