Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pissing Poshto, Pissed Off Bipasha!

Poshto's got Bips all pissed off! Hah, quite literally! Her five year old chihuahua hasn't been potty trained to perfection, and Bipasha Basu bore the brunt of it recently.

Her fancy duplex has been styled akin to a high end Manhattan apartment, and on her b'day, Bips was expressly thrilled since she received a spate of rose bouquets.

Soon, BB's apartment resembled a rose garden! But the big thorn in her glee surfaced when Bips spotted Poshto... peeing merrily into one of the gifted bouquets. Tch tch.

Presently, Poshto has been redirected to her mom's house where a caretaker takes care of… er, Poshto's peeing!

Guess, Poshto will now pee to the tee… :))))))))))))